Day 4:

It’s a beautiful day in Puebla to build some new smiles!

The morning started out with triage and follow-up visits to yesterday’s six patients who are doing great! We’ve been able keep them entertained with stickers, coloring books, and by taking “selfies” on a tablet. The transformation in both their physical appeirences and moral is amazing. We’ve been taking “primero” (before) and  “despues” (after) pictures of each patient to help document their journey.

Today’s patients range in age from two-and-a-half up to 16-years. Our little 3-year-old friend, Jesus, decided to eat a crayon minutes before going into the OR pushing his surgey back at least six hours. Oh Jesus! He was one of the patients who traveled 8 hours to get to Puebla and one of the rescheduled surgeries from yesterday. Hopefully we’ll still have the opportunity to treat him, but this situation definitely complicates things… To be continued.