Give the Gift of a Smile

A general support donation to Austin Smiles, the Austin Plastic Surgery Foundation, will help us to continue to provide services to children born with cleft palate and cleft lip in Central Texas, and fund medical missions in the coming year—wherever the need is greatest.

While unrestricted donations are always welcome, you can apply your donation to a specific aim, such as a volunteer’s mission expenses. Making a donation is quick, easy and secure. If you are having difficulty making your online donation, please call us at 512.451.9300.

Donate to Overall Support

Donate under Jim Fox, MD Mission Scholarship Fund

This memorial fund helps continue the work of one of our founders, Dr. Jim Fox, by underwriting a portion of the mission fee for a medical professional on each trip.

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International Support

Help fund our medical missions to Latin America. Every child we help may well be spared a lifetime of health problems and social ostracism.

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Local Support

Support Austin Smiles’ programs in the Central Texas area, including patient and parent outreach, educational materials, equipment, and reconstructive surgeries for previously untreated adults.

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Mission Personnel Sponsorship

Support a mission volunteer’s campaign.

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