Shared Experience

Most days, the work lasted from 7:20 a.m. to 9 or 10 p.m. On Sunday through Tuesday nights, team members would find a quick dinner near the hotel, order room service or simply go without dinner, preferring sleep to food. Here, on Wednesday night, several team members share a dinner of submarine sandwiches and sodas at MPSC. They also share cupcakes, in honor of nurse Debbie Wilder’s birthday.

Seated from left to right are Dr. Bill Gorman, Dr. David Wainwright, volunteer Beau Theriot, Mission Administrator Martha Mashburn, anesthesiologist Dr. Stan Eckert (in back), Dr. Syboney Zapata, nurse Stella Solis-Denny, Speech Pathologist Katherine Marting, volunteer Austin Lutz and Dr. Erika Sato. Standing is the birthday girl, Debbie Wilder.

Photo by Kris Kennedy