As the last patient is wheeled to recovery, boxes are being packed and stacked, I look around the room and realize how much we haven’t  captured with words and pictures that I wish we could share about this life changing week…


“El Salvador is my favorite… the staff is so gracious, and the people are so happy despite the poverty and lack of resources” – Keller Matthews, Anesthesia

“I am afraid. I have had 5 surgeries. I hope this one will be my last” ~ Miriam, age 27


“I love to come on these trips because I can help make people whole” ~ Liz, Post Op

“I am speechless!” ~Victor’s mom


“This trip affirms that I love what I do” ~ Laura Guerrero, Triage

“These kids face lifelong surgeries and come back to us year after year…” ~Alisa, Speech Pathologist

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“The minimum wage here in El Salvador  is $243 per month” ~ Lya’s father

“I was blown away by the line of patients waiting” ~ Michael Lin Anesthesia


“The only way I can repay you is with my words…” ~ Nelly, Xiamora’s mother


“We often forget how blessed we all are…my heart melted when I saw these little ones today.” ~Rosie Sawyer, RN

“I want to thank the surgeons and the nurses with all my heart for their work…It means so much to me.” ~ Ishmael’s mom